Timothy’s Bull (2) or Nobel prize winning calculations

I have been progressing well with this project. Firstly, I am knitting straightforward sleeves and the back piece, no charts required, I am knitting anywhere and everywhere… including during the 2 hour Anzac concert at the local RSL, where my son was performing… and just about nobody noticed! Secondly, a friend donated an old photocopier to me… a fantasy has come true, my own copier… no more ‘holding a thought’ until I get to the library next, to reduce or blow up… I can do all that now in the comfort of my own home, in my pajamas… Unreal. And that is why I have been pressing on with the knitting – as soon as the new ink cartridge arrived, I enlarged the design to fit the jumper, enlarged the intarsia chart – nothing can stop me now.

Let me take you through the design process:

  • the bull design Timothy gave me
  • my sketch of Timothy’s favorite jumper
  • the sketch and sizing of the jumper I liked on Ravelry
  • the bull design enlarged to fit the jumper
  • the full sized jumper (well, the relevant bit) on butchers paper – and the Nobel Prize winning calculations!
  • the intarsia chart – enlarged to fit my gauge… well nearly… it is spot on in terms of stitches, but in terms of rows I will have to squash the design a bit flat, otherwise the bull design will end up 5 cm longer and I think that will compromise the look.
  • I will “see” you soon, when I have done the charting of the bull design…