A New and Finished Item! The Grey Cable Cardigan

Here it is – I wore it today for the Sunday dog walk near the river: the gray cable cardigan. As you can see – I have gone maverick in the button department – best to be always yourself.

But some other nice things happened today – I got up before anyone else and had a little special time with the… BIG mouse, while I was having the first coffee in the kitchen and I did some serious marking for the quilting on Flowerpower on the kitchen table in good company.

But wait – there is more! I made a lot of food with the help of some teenage boy and we took off to Ruth’s house to make music and eat and drink and talk (and one person quilted a lot!)… which we did for hours!

So, I am powering through all my unfinished business… what a great feeling! Let’s see, what is there still to complete before I can start a NEW project?

Ohhh, that’s still a very long list – may be I shouldn’t have braved looking at it… no no no, let’s just be brave and look at it together:

  1. Mystery Medallion quilt – hhmm, have I used the fabrics for something else by now?
  2. Double Wedding Ring Quilt – I posted a pic a few days ago
  3. Flowerpower – nearly done!
  4. Certificate I jumper for the Knitter’s Guild NSW; it is as good as done, but… it just isn’t yet
  5. major alteration on ancient patchwork jacket (unpick and redo)
  6. major alteration on Guatemala jacket – major, as above
  7. sew Patrick’s jacket – started 2 yrs ago for his birthday – may get there for St Patrick’s Day if I start moving it!