Knitting now

There is some very good news, not in terms of knitting, but in terms of satisfying paid employment in my life. I have taken on another project at work and that is working on Big History – which is potentially going to be BIG in Australia and over the world, let’s hope so. Go on, google it, I will not put a link to this post, just find that TED talk on Big History and be in awe. This means that I am working just about full time, having some flexibility in view of the location (office/ home) and that in turn means that I am spending the weekends preparing the for week… so very little knitting time. I have to say that so far the kids have been brilliant helping out, dog walking, laundry on/ off the washing line, folding laundry, cooking, hoovering and so forth, let’s hope they keep going like this! But the implications¬† of this are far reaching… I had just re-joined the Knitters’ Guild NSW, and they meet on a Monday morning!!! Well, we cannot have it all, not all the time anyway…

But still, despite this, I have been productive. Let’s have a show and tell.

Here is Esther’s jumper, more of a tunic really. Design and what is on the needles currently. I posted the swatch a short while ago. The idea is to incorporate the decreases from hem to waist into the design, did I do a good job?DSCN4910DSCN4912DSCN4909 Also I want to try out Elizabeth Zimmermann’s raglan instructions and her placket and collar! All on the same jumper, of course!

Then there is this rag bag. I was rather thrilled by the idea, but didn’t give the design much thought as I started, so the colors are really random. The girls love it and want to see it finished. It takes a fair bit of space on the living room table, with all the shirts still to be cut… oops, I didn’t take a photo!

And here, we have a pair of fingerless gloves. Yesterday, as we started packing my son’s suitcase for his trip to the US he yelled out to me: “have you finished those gloves yet, mum?” Ha? What? I had offered to knit some fingerless gloves, because it is cold in Chicago at this time of year… but he dismissed the offer. So he does want some! Quick as a flash I cast on, dug out some notes I made last winter when I made a pair for Esther and here we go:DSCN4907

I have a week to get the mittens done, should be possible. As long as he doesn’t ask me for a matching beanie…

Lastly, on the needles I still have Bull II, and I must have dreamed that it is just about done… no, I just have the back, 1/2 of the front… so I only just started, really.

And I am dreaming of my Fair-Isle jumper! My very own jumper. Knitted for me, by me! I ordered some more yarns, after I realized my colors look too seasonal, look what arrived last week (sadly, the postage from the UK cost as much as the yarns themselves, but never mind):DSCN4918