Consolidation across all areas of life…

The whole week has been one of consolidating – washing, sorting and packing away the ski gear; getting up to speed at work (and moving office with no notice – hey Ruth, I am in 733 now !!!); dealing with school reports; getting used to having to cook again (and shopping for food!), and so forth. I have been very good at making time for consolidating knitting projects…

Here is a hot water bottle cover I finished this morning – I did not design it – but used my stash yarn (so – different gauge) and made it fit my hot water bottle (so – different size). I cannot recall where I got this pattern from, who’s design it is, I don’t mean to rip it off any designer. I love the smart opening for slipping the hot water bottle in. And the cable is actually gorgeous and bolt.DSCN6895

And here is the cushion cover I mentioned last week, made from cable knitting swatches. I have not done the back yet (nor have I got the actual cushion this is supposed to cover…), so more consolidating here to do, but a good consolidating start, I should say!DSCN6894

And here I have finally taken a picture of my new edging for the grey cable cardigan I made last year. The edging was just not firm enough and started to sag. So I unraveled the lot and put a plain i-cord around every edge AND I treated myself to a visit in the button shop in the Rocks and took ages and utter delight, if I may say so, to select these plain red buttons. DSCN6897I had missed wearing this cardi, it is very short, so best worn with high waisted pants or skirts.

Other projects I have worked on and even completed are lengthening the sleeves of two completed projects – the Red Rag and the Shellseeker. And I am pleased I did, as tedious as those jobs may be in themselves… it is deeply satisfying to wear those garments¬† now keeping warm whilst driving the car, typing on the computer, carrying heavy shopping bags – you know… not just being warm standing still… (which I rarely do). Lesson learned – add 2″ to your sleeve measurement if it is based on your arm length, because you are moving around…

And finally – here some blog consolidation: how could I forget to put up these images from our race on the harbour last Sunday (courtesy of Sue)??? It was magic, no wind whatsoever… the race was postponed time and again and we were hovering around the starting line forever (some of us complaining that we had not brought our knitting) – then the wind took off, and so did we. We had Patrick with us, so the captain decided to put the spinnaker up and so Barubi was just as pretty and colorful (and fast) as all the other sailing boats – yeah!!!big sailimage

What is that I am wearing???

Our crew uniform!!! Sue has organised this for the captain and his all girl crew, two jackets per sailor (one fleece, pictured below; one windcheater, pictured above).crew in uniform Embroidered with Barubi and all – smart as!

I feel fully consolidated now – phew, ready to take on another week!