Linenstitch scarf

I have been united with my lost knitting! The scarf is finished now, but I have not kept up with photography… so here is a picture of it in process.

There is no big deal to this – cast on 121 st on a 6mm circular needle – you obviously don’t knit in the round, just use the circular needle for length. Row 1: kn1; sl1 wyif; kn1; sl1 wyif; and so on Row 2 and every even row: purl; row 3: kn2; sl 1 wyif; k1; sl1 wyif; and so on. Repeat rows 1 – 4 until you run out of yarn and cast off. Well, cast off just before you run out of yarn!

I used 150 gr of Noro (45% Silk45% Kid Mohair 10% Lamb’s wool); Color 47