Sample workshop: asymetrical cables

I have been umming and aaahing about making a jumper for Patrick, one that should be glorious, fitting for the most attractive man around… classic, challenging my creativity AND fun to knit, phew… no pressure.

So I flicked through Ravelry for inspiration, and inspiration I did find. I like the Urban Aran Cardigan, adapted by Jared Flood’s uh, it’s soft – but definitely male, sophisticated – yet not too fancy. Here are some samples, which I am very pleased with, needless to say this is yarn from Bendigo again (yarn ‘Luxury’, shade ‘Blue Denim’). diagonal cable stripesfancy asymetrical cable

I knitted this 8 ply with 3.75mm needles. Alas – the project was discarded… these nice cables need to have a 2:2 background, this, AND the color, are just too similar to David’s cable jumper I knitted last spring… let’s do something new!