While the Cat is away…

… the house is very, very quiet… the only activity seemed to happen at the dining room table…DSCN8305

Patrick, Lena and Jo took off into the bush yesterday morning, in the rain, with hope that it would not rain as much in the Blue Mountains. So with half of our family away, the house seemed empty. Even more so, since Vincent was sick in bed – so Esther and I just took it very easy. We watched her kind of movies, ordered pizza and ate on the sofa and I started something very, very simple on the unused table.DSCN8302

This block is the ‘Bow Tie’, a traditional block which I just love. It is very dynamic, yet so simple. Most patterns recommend that the effect of the middle square is achieved by sewing a little colored triangle on the light colored squares of the block. Like this: Screen shot 2014-09-07 at 9.07.01 AM










But I don’t really like it at all – the middle square is chopped and I think it really interferes with the simplicity of the overall look. And in addition, if the middle square is a real square set diagonally in relation to the big squares – then the diagonal (bias) edges of the big squares are prevented from stretching by the straight grain of the little centre square.

I just ironed the corners of the big squares out of the way, sewed all 4 seams of the block (sewing over the folded corners to hold them back), pressed the seams, pinned the small square in place – BAM… easy:


And then in the end, you upload a nice movie or two, order some pizza and hand sew the little squares in, before cutting the excess fabric… repeat until sufficient blocks have been sewn and then put it all together.DSCN8304

It’s not like I don’t have enough quilts on the go as it is… I think I am currently working on 3 hexagon quilts, one huge Wedding Ring… but this is quick and easy and gets an instant result… works perfectly as a little creative ‘pick me up’…




Outside the Hexagon

Nothing much has changed since I last wrote… you must have read between the lines that our situation is fairly stressful. We have a date we need to be out of our home, we have not bought another home, we have declined a lease offered to us due to too many unknowns, but the removalists have been booked… And six weeks ago I thought life was too stressful to bear. Every week it just keeps getting worse.

There are many a fleeting knitting idea in my head – but needles and thread are packed.

Hexagons seem to be the go… making it up as I go along – very much like the rest of my life at this point. Do you remember how far I got with my hexagon quilt?

DSCN7148Well, Esther found this image on the internet as she was contemplating a quilt for herself – made by her, and I must say, it really inspired me, lovely stars and big shapes.

DSCN7150And so I started doing stars and big flowers myself – muddling along,  … hexagon after hexagon… all will turn out ok, I am sure, like the rest of life.

DSCN7149It will be a logical continuation of what went before, incorporating all those scraps, it doesn’t matter that I just cannot see how it will work right now, but working it will!