Settling into the Future

So far have enjoyed every minute in my new job and I envisage this to stay like this most days. There will be stressful days when I will have to perform miracles and boring days filled with monotonous activity. But the people I work with are creative, kind, genuine and generous in every way, so it’s a joy to step into “the office” in the morning, even after an hour commute in the rain.image

The workshop is in St Peters, it’s a very groovy and funky part of town, unlike tidy suburbia, where we live. Well, tidy suburbia is not bad, it’s very comfortable, despite missing the edge…image image image image

I have had the luxury of time on my side with this particular job. The fabric has been sent from England and has not arrived yet. So we had to fit a toile (mock up made from calico). Making a toile is a bit of a detour, since it takes extra time to cut and make the entire outfit from calico, but the great thing about a toile is that you can mark any changes with a big fat black pen directly on the fabric and even the most radical changes can be accommodated in the actual garment.image image

Apart for spending a good deal of time revising the pattern after the fitting and getting heaps of amazing advice from the amazing Leonie Grace, I have also had time to make samples for the details featuring in the outfit, eg fall fronts on the trousers and a very neat way of sewing the facing of a waistcoat shawl collar.image

imageNext week I have to bite the bullet and cut the cloth and canvas and just get on with it, YIKES!