Unfinished Business

I posted the previous in a hurry and forgot to show off the reverse side of Esther’s cushion!DSCN8985

It’s a bit smaller than the front, there you go – we all learn about seam allowances, the sooner the better! I think we will put a color all ’round to make the pieces the same size.DSCN8986

As I unearthed all those fabrics I also found some unfinished business, and I was delighted to come across this mystery medallion quilt cover. I started it in 2011, I think. I got this far and completed maybe 4 clues, then school holidays began and my flow of thoughts (and compositional coherence) were interrupted. I think I will just leave it as it is, frame it and find a good home for it.DSCN8989

Amongst the hidden treasure was also a sample of a Dresden Plate (the big one) and an old applique block (no idea what it is called). I cut a number of small Dresden Plates (and sewed just the one) out of some old squares of red/ black and white fabrics and am wondering how to turn them into something nice… DSCN8987I love it, when things just grow organically…


New Pursuits… and other things that make me happy

I have forever wanted to learn to screen print! I am fascinated by textures and patterns, their rhythm and moods… It has occurred to me many times that screen printing is a lot faster than sewing bits of fabric together to achieve a pattern…Not sure why it turned (in my mind only…) into a ‘bigger than Ben Hur’ type thing. Maybe I thought it is rocket science, or that I need to purchase a huge amount of equipment to get started… So all of a sudden things fell into place. It started with my son mentioning that he’d love to sell some T-shirts and that he is looking into screen printing. I thought courses he is looking into, but no, he was looking into a company that would print his designs. By the time we had cleared up this little misunderstanding, I had already enrolled in a one day course at the local community college. Voila:     DSCN7640

This was achieved in 3 hours in the lovely studio! I got inspired by this fairly basic goat (?) that I spotted somewhere, did a quick hand drawing, transferred the drawing on the ezicut paper, selected my frame and my color – DONE! There is so much to learn… I am really inspired to explore this further… so if I am organised with work, I may be able to skip Tuesdays and print!

But wait, there is more! Here are my feeble attempts at gardening. I am so over buying lettuce and herbs in the shops! Again, why was it sooo very hard? I wasn’t sure if I would stay interested, nor if the plants would survive my scatty memory (watering in this heat!), the possums, my judgement of a good place for a small garden in terms of light and so forth… so I took a ‘no investment – no pain at failure’ approach and planted all this in yogurt pots. I can move them around and they are free!

DSCN7625The parsley has not survived the possums! And all of a sudden this felt very easy and I went as far as investing into a seed tray and sowed a whole heap of herbs! And I bought parsley – it goes behind locked doors (laundry) at night!DSCN7643 And as you can see, I have re-instated the compost bin (background).

And here some pics of things that make me happy: a gorgeous hibiscus from Justine that still has not been re-potted

DSCN7641Lilys going mad in my lounge room and spreading their wonderful scent.

DSCN7642A pair of Tanwy Frog mouthsDSCN7621 right in front of my door step!

And here some organizational fun, a copious amount of random buttons finding friendsDSCN7636 .DSCN7635DSCN7637