Proudly Presenting: All sorts of things

I have knitted a lot and the process seems to be at least as interesting as the result. With everything going on in this household I have not kept up with posting nice pictures each time something is finished. These pics are not brilliant, but you will get the idea!DSCN7741 DSCN7743 DSCN7744

First of all: Silken Scabbard by Jennifer Hansen.

Very clever design: knitted top down the neckline is very 50s and those cables are a wonderful design feature as well as a great tool to shape the fitted jumper. I used ancient yarn which is 51% Camel and 49% wool. Some more pictures found here.

DSCN7737 DSCN7738 DSCN7739DSCN7754Then there is Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer.

This jumper is also knitted top down and it features the amazing contiguous sleeves: once the shoulder is completed, one knits back and front pieces and set in sleeves all at once. Magic. There are a few things I altered in my version. Since my gauge was different, my stripes didn’t match: back neck stripe was blue, front neck stripe was grey. So, who says you cannot change color within the one neckline? Exactly, so I did blue in the front and grey in the back… Also, I used a 2:2 rib everywhere and tailored the jumper at the waist. It is so nice to wear this! The beginnings of the project are written up here.

Finally: DSCN7746Patrick’s Grey Shawl Collar Jumper by ME! I have shared the finished product already here, but now it’s complete with pouch and teenager stuck in it.

But wait, there is more: Currently I am knitting ‘Celtica’ by Drops Design found here and here is a sneaky preview of the beginnings.

DSCN7756And finally – a great source of happiness and fun: my new …


Insanely Amazing Contiguous

I have been obsessed with sleeve heads and the whole idea of knitting sleeves simultaneously with the body – or in some other interesting way. So there was a lot of rambling as I knitted the Red Rag, a lot of bad language as I mastered ( and adapted…) Barbara Walker’s Kangaroo Pouch Jumper, joy as I discovered top down with the Shellseeker and great curiosity as I knitted the Silken Scabbard

But this is the ultimate: Susie M’s Contiguous Method was mentioned on Kate Davies’ blog a few months weeks back, but I didn’t put two and two together that this was something I had come across (and marveled at) last year when somebody showed me their Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer.

It’s been a rainy weekend. I had been doing the weekly shopping on Friday, Patrick took Esther to basketball on Saturday and Sunday there was not soccer because the season has not started yet!

So I decided to start my own Driftwood… which required a bit of rocket science, since my yarn has got a different gauge and I wanted an in-between size from what the Driftwood pattern had to offer…

This is how far I got

DSCN7648  It is just a superb way to knit a stripy pattern – the stripes are carried to the sleeve head (just think how much time you save on not sewing in ends!). Above you see the beautiful set in sleeve. And how nice is the back? I think it is insanely amazing, actually. DSCN7650Only when I am finished I will be able to make a judgement about the back neck – it is not as rounded as with the Barbara Walker top down method.

And this picture really explains the mystery of the method: DSCN7649

So you cast on the back neck and then add one stitch each row (in knit AND purl row) to shape the shoulder (instead of the traditional short row shaping). When the shoulder is long enough, you change the point at which you increase sts, because now you increase on the sleeve side.  NOTE: here the top of the sleeve head starts with 4 sts and then increases every 2nd row one st each side – personally I think one needs at least 8 – 10 sts at the top of the sleeve head in order to achieve enough width across the top arm… so next time I will add 4 rows to the shoulder and use the extra length created for at wider sleeve head. So this is weekend’s knitting frenzy is not a stroke of a genius… I spent a few weeks mucking around sampling my new donated yarns to the point that my sample folder is nearly bursting at the seams. DSCN7651I saw a nice pattern for a Henley (traditional type of underwear top) in the latest issue of Interweave and sampled the required Waffle Stitch a bit.DSCN7655

Then I thought that actually, my donated blue goes well with the donated grey, so hey – why don’t I do something interesting using the wonderful stranded colorwork pattern from Kate Davies’ Funchal Mobius?

DSCN7652Anyway, after starting something entirely different in brown (and knitting and ripping out 1/2 back panel) … I got back to the Henley idea and got stuck into it this weekend! So never mind it was a rainy weekend, DSCN7656there were people making nice food

DSCN7659and I got to do what I really love…DSCN7662

Hope you had a great weekend!