Finished Dahlia Cardigan

This is a pattern by Heather Zopetti – it looks so great on the pattern instructions. Check it out on Ravelry! Well, my girlfriends like the finished product very much and so do I, … but it is a little annoying to wear because of the weight in the front. Each front panel is the size of 3/4 of the entire back panel, so if one does not wear it ‘just right’, be back hem is sticking out. And it is tricky to find the ‘just right’ way to wear it, because there are no seams on the shoulder … So, personally, I prefer to wear it tucked in and closed.

For all those of you who would like to knit this – some feedback on the pattern:

  • I used Bendigo Woollen Mills LUXURY YARN, shade ‘Bark’ (354), it’s a 8 ply
  • I knitted with 3.5mm needles all stocking stitch parts – gauge 20st/ 30 rows for 10cm square
  • Lace panel at the back: I used 2.5mm and 2.75mm and knitted very tightly, and I still ended up with a lace panel bigger (16”) than the instructions specified (13”) and had to re-calculate the whole back
  • I added 10 stitches to the afterthought for the sleeve in order to get a bigger sleeve opening, and I am very glad I did.
  • I added length to the sleeve, it is a total of 55cm from the afterthought and the cuff is very fitted (I like to stay warm and not let cold air in through the cuff!)
  • I added some (three) shortened rows and the side waist to make it flare a bit – it was not worth it – if the cardigan had been longer, I should have added more shortened rows to actually achieve something
  • this was fun to knit; very straight forward, after I re- calculated the entire pattern to fit my gauge! More or less just straight and more straight knitting, I put little safety pins in every 20 rows, that saved me counting my rows all the time!
  • I really want one, too – I will think about the fit, though. Make the fronts smaller, make it a little longer, add some fastenings, add some shoulder seam somewhere to add strength and make the fit better… maybe this is just the tailor in me…