Vintage Treasures

My friend Justine has just discovered a cupboard full of old dresses back home. Granny’s bridesmaid dress, aunty’s Sunday best, etc. Real treasures! Her daughter has tried a few of them on and fits them.

So, I have taken the pattern of this lovely old silk dress. And it was not hard, because by now I have got so many block patterns, it is so easy to make anything!

The block serves as a solid starting point, I just move the darts, alter the neckline and other details!

Justine also had a big box of vintage sewing patterns and I took a few to copy. Initially I found it impossible to work out what’s what. The tissue paper nearly disintegrated in my hands, and there were no markings on the pieces apart from different sized wholes! Most patterns had no instructions enclosed, so there.

The most useful pattern to teach me how to read the cryptic information was the most worn one – I followed the tracing lines of an anonymous seamstress (likely to be related to Justine) and understood that the biggest dots denote the grain line. The tiniest dots denote the seam allowance. And the medium dots, they mark everything else… darts, vents… too easy!