Christmas Pickle

I am very happy I kept the draft for this post over the weekend and didn’t post it. It was a raving angry rant against the commercialization of Christmas and the loss of true value attached to it… phew, who cares?

So I have workshoped that anger all by myself over the weekend, which was a lovely, social, relaxed and warm weekend… and the anger is gone now, but I am still in a Christmas Pickle. See for me, summer and Christmas are inconsolable contradictions. For 14 years now, every year, Christmas takes me by surprise, despite all the Santas around we from mid- November onwards. And seeing those Santas in Darling Harbour last week, when I walked through all of them getting to the venue of a course I was attending, just made me miserable. They were clinging to the wall of the Convention Centre, squeezing their fat bums onto floating restaurants, they were smiling from every street lamp.



I find it hard enough to get into the spirit during the ‘wrong’ season – deep down I still connect Christmas with the cold, the dark and the snow, so this Santa rubbish in late November in the sunshine does not go down well with me. But then there are some lovely fellow – bloggers putting out some great posts about what it is really about, like this one fromĀ  ZigoZago, and in the end of the day… it’s not worth getting worked up about, or is it?

For a very different spiritual experience this year, I visited the Baha’i Temple with my girls yesterday, we had a lovely Sunday morning at their children’s service.

Every year I go through this pickle of emotions way too late, I start getting into the spirit just a few days before, then I kick in with ideas, and it is all too late to execute all of them. But alas, I have cast on a quick idea for someone special, look: something useful, sustainable, fun…