Timothy’s Bull (3) or the lifting of the mental block

The mental block has lifted! The next step in this project had been too hard to contemplate – how to transfer the bull to a grid paper that does not really match my gauge! But the internet solves everything! I did yet another google search and my search ‘knitting design paper’ brought the solution! This is the custom built (drawn!) gauge for my project! And it’s size is 1:1 – what is easier than tracing my bull design to the chart? In the meantime, the white for the horns and the eye has arrived and there is nothing stopping me. Weekend before last, I knitted through band competitions (we shared 1st prize!), basketball- as well as soccer matches. And my right hand is sore, actually. I am just about to start the bull’s head, this is exiting!

I better get a move on now, this needs to be ready when Timothy returns to Australia!