I am pretty pleased with this jumper! It came off the needles a few days ago, but due to the lack of daylight after my model returns from work, it has not been ‘documented’ yet. Given that ‘my model’ is away for the weekend and thus is unavailable for another job, I had to get the male mannequin out of the shed.

So, let me reflect on this project, since it was a big job.

I love the color graphite from Bendigo ‘rustic’ yarn. Also I love the classic raglan style, I am just hoping that the upper chest is long enough – from under the arms to the shoulder. If I make this jumper again, I will add a few rows on the raglan bit, decreasing a few more times every 4th row, instead just twice, to add length here. Of course I love the bull! I think the picture works really well and is well placed.

And most of all – funnily enough – I love the CAST OFF! Yepp, I sewed the stitches off with a sewing needle, having picked up all the stitches for neck, cuffs and waistband from the stockinette stitch. This cast off is called ‘grafted edge for single rib’ and I just love it – it is so elastic, just like your regular cast on.

I am knitting a number of smaller items currently, using up some of the leftover yarns from the bulls jumper. But I have to admit that I am also spending too much time on the net looking up stuff, just like my kids! Boy, there is so much to look at on YouTube and there are forums and links everywhere. Whilst browsing I found this wonderful link to the Barbara Walker Project, you know that I am a huge fan of her work.