An Old – but finished Item

Hey, look at this – a button necklace (or necklace made from buttons…?) – it has a nice story! I made it about 3 years ago for my friend Ruth, for her birthday. She expected a certain gentleman to only give her ‘boring chocolates’. So I packed the necklace into tissue paper and placed it into an old chocolate box. When she got the packet, she smiled politely and said, “Oh yeah, more chocolates” and she wouldn’t even open the box! So I said I really wanted to try some – I insisted. And when she opened the box, she loved the necklace! A year ago Ruth packed up her house, sold it and went traveling and teaching maths for an ngo in Malawi! In the process of consolidating her possessions, I fortunately ended up with this wonderful treasure. Lucky me!

We have not heard from Mr Fox… but the pirates are back on the piano, I told you they wouldn’t get far, didn’t I?