Somber, no frill 100th blog post

This big event (100th post) has been approaching and I thought every now and again I should mark it with a special something. A free giveaway? A promotional ratatataaa? Balloons, cake, a retrospective of my ‘work’? Guest bloggers?

Hence the silence… and thank you to two friends who have been wondering when the next post will appear. Well here it is.

Instead of resolving the issue of the 100th blog post celebration, I have been reflecting on health, life and death. There has been a lot of that in my family in the last 10 days, in my circle of acquaintances, and though there have also some lovely stories of recovery and welcomed pregnancies, it never quiet breaks even… the good and the bad, the happy and the sad.

Apart from having been in that somber space, a few really good things have happened:

  • I have re-joined the Knitters Guild NSW and am so pleased to meet up will all those talented wonderful ladies. And it so happened that I attended the AGM when they asked what people wanted to learn or even teach this year and my hand went up and I volunteered to study and then impart with my special knowledge on Elizabeth Zimmermann’s yoke and saddle shoulders. Yeah!
  • Culture: the weekend was quiet and somehow there was space and time to be spontaneous. I piled two girls and their friend into the car and we went to the Art Gallery of NSW and saw the Australian collection. What fun. It was like meeting old friends, all those iconic pictures by Cossington – Smith, Nolan, Olley, Drysdale, Preston… lot’s to chat and giggle about. This is going to be a regular thing, there are a number of free guided tours at the gallery and I have decided we will do all of the.
  • More culture: We had tickets for the Belvoir’s ‘Private Lives’ and Patrick didn’t really feel like it. So I took my 12 year old daughter. We laughed our heads off, what a great classic piece (Noel Coward), superbly staged, wonderfully performed. And how amazing to take my daughter to the theatre! Well, the other thing I rather like is that she snatched my favorite jeans jacket… we are sharing clothes!
  • Knitting: I have knitted 3 sleeves for the cable jumper (one unraveled again!) and all is finally on the BIG needle for the saddle. I have checked and re- checked, made a life size pattern – it should all work out. Lovely to be on the home stretch.
    Ideas are oozing out of my brain… I must finish this jumper before I start something new. I must explore EZ’s shirt with collar next and I have the yarn, the needles, the idea… just gotta organize a time slot.
  • Style: I had saw an image consultant, ME! I bought this voucher at a very discounted price at the school’s trivia night. It was so much fun! I played dress ups and explored totally new colour schemes and shapes and styles for myself. The funny thing is – I appreciate well made clothes, but really hate shopping!!! I don’t really care for what I look like that much… I don’t mind that much what’s in my wardrobe, not sure if this makes sense… but that’s how it is. I think I am able to skipp through the shops in a more lighthearted way now…