Summertime and Social Media

I have had the most amazing summer break – I cannot recall having enjoyed summer this much for a long time. I guess part of it is the fact that the kids are a bit older and are doing their own thing to a certain extent… and I have this amazing workroom, so all I need is a great idea and – BOOM it’s done!!!

So, a lot has happened in the workroom, and a lot outside the workroom…

I have noticed that I have written less and less blog posts since having started using Facebook 2 1/2 years ago and a few days ago I started Instagram… I guess a blog is by now very old fashioned – but contains a lot more reflection than the above social media platforms. Often it is a question of time …

Outside the workroom… we went to Coolangatta (in Queensland) for a week before Christmas. we had an apartment near the beach and simply enjoyed sun, sand and surf; and a bit of new age spirituality on my birthday at the Chrystal Castle.

Just before we went on holiday, both dogs had teeth and tumors removed.

Christmas was a small affair this year. There was plenty of great food and Vincent made this amazing sustainable graffiti Christmas tree.

I have enjoyed BIG swims in our pool, hot yoga sessions, learning to run with a running app (couch to 5km, LOL) as well as getting back to try to learn to surf. Surfing… well, I think I will not get the hang of it in this life… but the next one… but it is fun to try… We also have been snorkeling a few times at Shelley Beach and saw some amazing fish.

It has been great to catch up with so many dear friends over the summer – and also to combine outdoor physical activity with female companionship on all the walks with the Sydney Sole Sisters.


Esther and I spent a week at Macquarie Lakes with friends, there was plenty of outdoor activity and sun!


I am running out of steam and will have to do a thorough show and tell about all the workroom activity another time. So long, Little blog… good to be back ❤

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