I’ve got to move it, move it

So no work in the pipeline. Yay! Quick, something for the soul… obviously in my wonderful workroom. I splashed out on some bundles of Japanese fabrics last week, just because I really deserve it after so much hard work. (I have about 5 quilts on the go, but let’s not mention that in this context here, please.)

And out of nowhere came hexagons, once more. Oh no, this will be last time ever, I just couldn’t help it. This time though, I just turned the edges with a cardboard template and zig zaged them all together. Quick as a flash. 

And sure enough, today, just after I finished mounting the layers together, the phone rang…

The backing is some lovely cotton I printed some years ago. It was not big enough, so I added some linen here and there.

At least the workbench is clear again and I can roll it all up and quilt at my leisure.

I’ve  got To move it, move it…

Something else I should share, because it was so much fun – we went with our Asperger Youth group for a visit to  Ella Vista Farm near Baulkam Hills. It is beautifully preserved and maintained by volunteers. 

And finally – work on the house continues, baby steps… we have finished a tiny section of the deck renovation and on the weekend Patrick made the step, connecting old and new! 

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