Proudly Presenting: Field Study

I am not sure when I started knitting this jumper, not that long ago. It was daunting to follow the instructions, it is so complicated at first sight, but since Ann Kingstone has done a marvellous job at writing them with clarity – I managed! 

One of the very daunting steps was the steek for the neckline on the front, dooohhh, it was really simple actually. The steek allowed me to keep knitting the colorwork pattern in the round.

I will love wearing this jumper…

6 thoughts on “Proudly Presenting: Field Study

    • I steeked the entire front neckline, you have to, even after the decreases are done. I just did two rows of machine stitching and gave it a good steam. I cut the steek two stitches away from where I picked up the stitches for the neck picot edging. Fingers crossed it will hold… ❤️

  1. Oh, it’s so beautiful! Someday soon, when I am not commuting an hour and a half each day, I will have time to knit again. Soon. There’s a certain pattern that’s waiting for me… 😀 You have mad skillz!

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