Lions on the lose

I have had a huge amount of work. It will be nice to get a day off soon. Each time a job comes to an end, the phone rings with another job and I just keep going. It is great that it runs so smoothly, since I have not been working for myself very long. There have been sexy neoprene suits for a horror movie, alterations for Mamma Mia the musical, suit alterations… and now LIONS!

I did not have much time at all to work this out. In fact I got the fabrics and design one day and by close of business the next day (yesterday) I had to show the first finished lion… yes, the first, there will be FOUR. And they all will be roaring on set early Wednesday morning.

I found a small person to fit the lion on this morning, that was reassuring!

The producers love the result and the designer has been kind in forwarding enthusiastic emails and texts. I am looking forward to working on set on Wednesday!

Today I got the okay to charge ahead with the remaining lions and I thought it might be nice to document the process. This is so much faster, producing them in a little production line!

I cut all the pieces out!

Then I started the faces, marking where the mouth ought to go on the snout.

Three mouths embroidered on my ancient domestic sewing machine.

Three noses pinned in place.

Here are the snouts in different stages. The sides of the noses have been attached to the snouts. I have cut away excess fabric under the nose. A facing has been attached to the bottom of the  snout.D8626094-0F83-40B1-9D85-10B44625A4A0

Three faces: I markstitched the shape of the face and the placement of the snout. Overlocked and turned the hem. The space under the snout was cut away and overlocked.

Snouts placed and zig zaged to faces. First the top of the nose with orange thread then the sides with white thread. Eyes marked.

Eyes Hand embroidered and edge of the turned.

I think it will be one long day to make the ears, the mane and to attach the heads to the body. I will finish the width and length of the body on the set on Wednesday morning, since… ahem… I do ‘t really have any measurements. Oh, I almost forgot – they also want tails and belts…





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