Black and White Challenge

A friend nominated me for a Black and White photo challenge on Facebook, documenting 7 moments over 7 days – no people, no commentary. It was actually good fun and made me aware of so many nice things I see everyday. Here are the images, this time with commentary!

Day 1



This is what my kitchen looks like every Saturday, when I return from the shops. I cook, bake, make stock – make a big mess, generally. And you can also spot a dog’s tail, somebody who always likes to be in on the action!

Day 2

This is my workbench. One of my favorite places in the house!

Day 3

On Monday morning I had to deliver a costume at Fox, so I left early and caught Sculpture by the Sea in the early morning light. No crowds, either! It was a great treat! I love this installation.

Day 4

This is our fridge. Jo’s HSC timetable, my travel bucket list, a lovely old photo of my granny and her first 3 children (…and grandad) and Mumentrolls from Finland…

Day 5

When I was dusting the other day, I thought our bar is actually such a cool feature of the house, especially when dust free…

Day 6

One of the perks of working from home is walking the dogs every morning. I go down these steps and get to a path that takes us around the golf course to a big oval where the pooches can run and play.

Day 7

Fairylights on our balcony…

There has been a lot of knitting been knitted on a particular and beautiful jumper (no photo yet, no spoilers) for myself. I have been sitting next to Jo whilst she studied for her exams to help her keep focus. But I have also started socks for Patrick. I think Vincent is also going to get a pair, since the second sock is also a left one – good job he also plays bass, and also a red bass! 

Finally, this little cutie has been spotted in a friend’s garden not far from here, not long ago… summer has arrived!

All of a sudden there is a lot of work, which is actually really fun. Some very tricky and challenging jobs, some numbingly boring. It’s cool…


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