Spring is coming…

… well and truly. I love the warm light and the warmth, all of a sudden I smell the Jasmine on my morning bush walk and life feels so much lighter! We also had a fire near us yesterday, that gave me a bit of a fright, but thankfully it was a controlled burn off. 

I have knocked back some work because I wanted to help Jo with her major works for her HSC, and now I am feeling a bit forgotten, because there is no work. But it doesn’t worry me too much, I actually am enjoying the time I have doing what I never have time to do. Like taking a driving course on a track and learning more about handling my car. 

Working away on this long neglected quilt top, a great thing to do whilst listening to amazing podcasts and radio programs.

Making a toile for my nephew’s wedding suit and hunting for suitable fabric.

Going for a bush walk with the Sydney Sole Sisters.

Walking on the beach with Patrick.

Working hard to create more block patterns.

Making new friends in an Asperger youth group with my girls and enjoying outings with them.

Cooking for old friends.

Picking up the work on the deck with Patrick.

In short… living the good life, full of gratitude for all the wonderful things around me.





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