Midweek Sunday

It is Wednesday and it feels like a Sunday.

I have been working both of the last weekends. It has been glorious using the new table that Patrick put together for me one night after work.

So I am enjoying a day off, before starting on a new job tomorrow. It is school holidays, the girls are at home and my husband has taken a random day off work, just to chill, what a treat. Here you can spot him chilling while filling in a hole in the ceiling, he does so much maintenance on the house, I think it is just second nature, like breathing. 

Whilst I have been enjoying working from home, in particular the creativity, being in charge of the entire practical aspects of a job, not having to commute, listening all day to my favourite radio station, spending all day with the dogs (and fitting a walk in)… there have been really challenging aspects as well.

There is nobody to ask for advice. I am a men’s tailor, so making a fitted ladies’ outfit with a tight deadline was an added challenge. In a workroom I can always ask for an intervention “hey, WHY are these sleeves not going in?”, “HOW much ease ought to be on this sleeve head?”, “HOW exactly do I finish a faced skirt waistband?”. Home alone It’s simply trial and error and going slow and methodically.

Yesterday I dropped the said outfit and instead of a huge sense of relief, I feel worried that it is not right, having had only one fitting.

To divert my thoughts I have taken to the kitchen, as per usual when I want to relax. I put on two slow cookers with soup, ham and pea for the girls and pumpkin as the vegetarian option.

We had orange cake for lunch, while playing board games, yum.

On the weekend it will be our 21st wedding anniversary. Last year we did a 37km hike in the mountains and then stayed in a fancy hotel for the night. This year we are staying in the bush, so we have to take tent overnight gear, food and water. In preparation I have put some amazing gourmet dishes together for dinner and breakfast – they just need to be boiled up.

Final thoughts… it’s good to be the best you can and to strive towards always doing a great job… but it is really counterproductive to be haunted by one’s own perfectionism.



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