Falling into place

Like most people, I do worry about a lot of things. When I don’t have any work, I worry that I might NEVER work again. When I have work, I worry that my family will fall apart due to my absence.

Luckily I spent a few days after my return from Europe not worrying about these things too much, in fact the phone started ringing before I had the chance to worry. I am going to do some stuff for a commercial (from home) and for my favourite theatre company (from home). The best of both worlds!

So before I received these phone calls, I happily dug out a quilt that I started some time ago and made another two hexagons. I so enjoyed my workspace, the warm sun, the sounds of the bush and the dogs at my feet.

Today I started on patterns, and was really happy to use this beautiful space again in my professional capacity! I am extending my repertoire to ladies and childrens’ wear – I could have freaked out when I got these offers (really only being confident in mens’ wear), but chose not to be. It is great to have a learning curve with each and every job.

Things are falling into place sometimes, solutions approach us, better than we could have organised them ourselves.

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