I Scored Again!

A few weeks ago we went to the Lithgow Ironfest, it was a huge spectacle with people being dressed up in historical clothing, Stempunk gadgetry left, right and centre, battle re-enactment and more… I bought a few raffle tickets and WON! The prize arrived in the mail today – earrings, cufflinks and a necklace from Skav’s Steampunk workshop. YAY! Really pretty jewels!

i also purchased my first quilt vintage treasure in a local second hand shop. Ten of these squares for $10. I could not believe my luck. Initially I thought I would make a big quilt, inserting new squares with vintage fabric, but no – I will leave this just as is, piecing it together, maybe using cream linen fabric in between the squares and a nicely quilted border…

And for the rest of life… “it’s complicated” as a teenager would flippantly comment. Enjoying my work is a blessing, managing a big house can be tedious but gives me deep satisfaction, being surrounded by so many good friends fills me with gratitude.

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