Gone Surfing

I bought a surfboard many years ago, with the intention to take to the ocean and learn to surf. That year, I had done a lot of swimming in the local pool and was truly fit and ready. But I never really got very far with this idea.

There was no work in the diary for this week, and since the weather is still warm and beautiful, I couldn’t think of a really good reason not to learn to surf. I booked myself into a tour to go to Seal Rocks – and what a great decision that was!

We had a day in Sydney on a private beach with tiny waves and it was so much fun to really give it a go, get served a BBQ on the beach and get back in the water for more!img_1226img_1227

In the late afternoon 5 of us went in a minibus to Seal Rocks and checked into the local caravan park. img_9336img_9339img_9334img_9335

The beauty here is that there are so many beaches and one of them is always right for beginners. We are getting so much attention from our instructor, who also is the chef and recreational officer (movies after dinner in the communal tent).


I am sure I will not return to Sydney at the end of the week as a super surfer – but I will have played in the beautiful clean, warm water for a week, having learned to paddle towards giant waves, rather than ducking under them, understanding the interplay of all the ocean forces much better and being really tired and slightly fitter.

It’s also been really lovely to spend the week with 4 backpackers from all over the world and play cards, share beers and stories.img_9341

And I had my first encounter with bluebottle jellyfish. Oh no, they really do sting horribly. I had one trapped in my leg rope that was strapped around my ankle – fortunately I was in the shallows, and I could not get the rope off fast enough. The photo does not do the redness and agony any justice… all part and parcel of the experience…img_9340

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