Nepal (part 3 Pokhara – Ghorepani)

We stayed in a very plain guesthouse near Pokhara, which eased us into the standard of tea houses on our trek. Yes, there was a power point in the bedroom, but the wifi was patchy and there was no heating in the building. Welcome to Nepal! We just went with the flow.img_8435

We started our trek, the Annapurna Panorama trek, in Nayapul. Very soon there were no more cars/ jeeps, just donkey trains and cows.

img_8446We met primary school kids walking to school for 1 hour, they live through adventures by the time they get to school!img_8463

Small shops still selling snacks and drinks every few metres.img_8442

Stunning scenery. And after many hours of walking, we reached the guesthouse at Tikkedhunga. We all enjoyed the mountain food. I just loved plain garlic soup or boiled local veg or Dhal Bhat. The girls lived on pasta and more Western style foods. img_8452img_8456

Day 2 of the trek did not differ much from day 1. Improved views of the mountains, but apart from that… more puppies, goats, fury cows, guest houses. img_8505 img_8465 img_8469 img_8471

Well, actually, we got to know our Sherpa a bit better, and our two porters! Whilst we are used to carry our own stuff on hikes here in Australia (tents, food AND water!), we did what people do here, and hired two porters. It felt awkward in the beginning, but then we just went with the flow and accepted the ways of this country and felt ok about the arrangement – we were providing vital cash for 3 families!

In the guest houses where we stopped for lunch, or where we stayed the night, we were served by the Sherpa and the porters, which didn’t sit well with us initially. Whilst we had beautiful conversations with them, in broken English, we never shared a meal. It’s just not done. Period.img_8479img_8481img_8488img_8474

At he evening of day 2 we reached Gorepani and stayed in a fairly large guesthouse. The super perk here was that there was a big fireplace in the communal lounge area and the OVEN PIPE went through our bedroom! Huzzah!img_8492

We got up really early, at 5am, and walked (stumbled, rather) in the freezing dark of the night 1,5km up Poon Hill, to watch the sun rise over the entire Annapurna mountain range. It was magic!img_8495 img_8496 img_8498 img_8499

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