Happy Easter!

Time flies. Excuse me for stating the obvious.

It’s been too hot to photograph me in the cream coloured Henley that has been the subject of this blog a few weeks ago. But all of a sudden the mornings are cold and I have started wearing the gorgeous creation! But when I return home after work it is too dark to take a photo…

So, I have started knitting a gorgeous cardigan from some ancient yarns donated by my darling friend Sue… Needless to say that what you see on my lap is the second version – I entirely ripped the darn thing last weekend and re-knitted it in a week… so it’s a bottom up cardi with set in sleeves (which are knitted top down) and a cute wrap collar which I am trying to work out in the fading light, on my verandah, enjoying the screeching of the cockatoos and the croaking of the froggies… image

and I think this glass of white wine is probably my best friend, holding my hand in this endeavour… imagebut do look at this photo (courtesy of daughter Jo) and you can literally SEE my impatience: I have knitted the grown on button band AND sewn on the buttons, you can spot a set of double pointed needles of a nearly finished sleeve and possibly you can see a random circular needles which holds the stitches of the second sleeve cap… Well… If not… Let me tell you, Holmes, that I am also well and truely past the half way mark of the collar by now…image

This marks a nice  Easter weekend. We were going to go away but simply missed the boat by being too late with the planning. So we enjoyed a nice few days in Sydney. Some good communal chilling out, preparing for (one lucky family member’s) the Europe trip, hanging the kitchen curtains, chatting, playing board Games, having Sue and Michael for dinner, visiting the Ruined Castle In Katoomba, staging an epic Easter egg hunt for 4 teenagers, checking out the Sydney Biennale at the Carriageworks… It sounds like we did a lot. Phew. Happy Days… Happy Easter!

All this is just as well. “Aladdin” is going into fitting stage now and I have a very chaotic (and gratifying) 2 weeks ahead locking in shapes and sizes. It is very exiting, but no doubt tiring… So it’s very nice to have had the chance to relax before going into the final and mad throws of the production!


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. A very Happy Easter Swantje. Hope Alladin fittings go well. All good here days are getting longer so onwards & upwards. I’m due ( in 6 months to become a great Uncle (make on feel old); the other news is that my eldest nephew just turned 20 has come out sonI suppose I’m now a ‘role model’ close to home- strangely since PRIDE I’ve received lots of messages of thanks for all we did as LGSM & that My HIV status was mentioned in the film & not as a victim. Sending lots of love xJB

    • I am not surprised to hear that your character in PRIDE inspired heaps of people and I am glad that they made it known to you! Fancy your nephew coming out – good for him and having such a cool uncle as role model! Boris is here in Sydney – did you know? I have exchanged a few txts, but have not had the time to meet up. I am assisting next week in the act 2 fittings as well – UK people coming over to do act 2! None of the names of makers rang a bell… I have a few of your old tools, eg your tracing wheel and a bodkin… so I am thinking of you literally EVERY day at work! Love, S

  2. Lovely to see you all yesterday and I LOVE the cream cardi, looked stunning with the pants. Good luck this week with the fittings. Geoff and I had a look at MCA also-worth a look too at some stage. XxxJo

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