Another Levenwick

I have finished a cardigan for my niece. We celebrated her third boy’s first birthday and Christening today. Since I didn’t manage to finish Harriet’s cardigan for her birthday in June, I was pleased to present her with it today! It’s Levenwick by the formidable Gudrun Johnston. I made mine in red and have had so much wear out of it. And am always getting very flattering comments :).

I finished this one last night, so didn’t have time to block it. A jolly good steam had to do the trick. And I also didn’t have the time to make the little pocket, will knit it up and sew it on next time I see her!Harriet

I hope that the sleeves will ‘grow’ when Harriet blocks it, or I will have to extend them.

It really is her color, I love this pattern!

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