The Awesome

A midweek post – because I am busting to share the Awesome with you!

Canal Rd Film Centre, well, here is the canal


Here is shed 1, where I spent the days having fun!image

Here is all the stuff that is everywhere, so fun to look at.image

Here are some red frills, I am making meters and meters and MILES of the stuff.image

Here is me pretending to be house model. I do love any opportunity to dress up! We are making 7 of these dancer outfits, the sequinned frills are for the sleeves.image

It seems that I have met just about anybody who is anybody in the Australian costume making industry over the last few days. Everybody is super friendly, helpful, fun. I have even met the resident dogs… It’s great to be surrounded by eccentric people. I feel very much at home and in my element.

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