Newnes and some Knitting at long last

Well here is a perfect canine citizen (after 5 week rigorous dog training) and some knitting I have done. It’s the “Echoflower” shawl, not sure where I got the pattern from. the yarn is Merino wool (2ply) and I am knitting it on 3mm needles. So, I finished one, blocked it, looked great, weighed the remaining yarn, realized I had enough for another one and cast on No 2! And that one is nearly finished, too!image

Can’t show them close up, since they are… Ahem ahem… For some people who may be subscribing to this blog.

Josie and Jasper have been so much nicer to have around. Their barking drove even us insane. So many people said that there is not much you can do with small dogs and bla bla – but we got an amazing dog trainer who turned the situation around very quickly. Well, it was a huge amount of work, I didn’t think I could do all the stuff he recommended, but in reality, we saw the results very quickly and after that it was a lot easier to keep going.

We had a fantastic few days in Newnes. Packed the car, dropped the dogs at the kennels and went bush for 4 days. The weather was glorious and the scenery spectacular. And it was great to chill with the entire family. Read, walk, make fires, think, quieten the mind.thumb_DSC_0238_1024 thumb_DSC_0240_1024 thumb_DSCN0006_1024 thumb_DSCN0276_1024 thumb_DSCN0302_1024 thumb_DSCN0323_1024 thumb_DSCN0334_1024 thumb_DSCN0339_1024 thumb_DSCN0410_1024 thumb_DSCN0415_1024 thumb_DSCN0422_1024 thumb_DSCN0430_1024 thumb_DSCN0432_1024 thumb_DSCN0433_1024

Did I mention all the amazing meals (roasts) we cooked on the mini bbq, the damper we baked in the Dutch oven, the cool beer we fished out of the river, all the animals we spotted??? And the glow worms we saw in the old train tunnel – like a starry night!

The rest of the school holidays seems to be fairly mellow. I try to work 3 hrs first thing in the morning and then have time to hang with or without kids, do some chores, food shopping, infinite amount of cooking, which I have started enjoying again.

We saw the Willoughby Symphony last night – beautiful music played by our fantastic local community ensemble. When we got home I had two messages for invitations today: watching the preview of the new ‘Macbeth’ movie in the morning and to go with friends to the Jeff Buckley tribute concert (with prior dinner!)… So I have done really well. In between both cultural events just a few rows of knitting in the spring sun.

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