This was going to be a winy post, about the cardigan I ripped, re-knitted, ripped (etc) and now finally finished and it is a little bigger than I had hoped. MAJOR drama in my little life…

BUT NO – there is so much else to share – I went to see the Melbourne Ska Orchestra at the Opera House last night and wow it was fantastic! So much energy and sophisticated stage craft.20150530_222046 20150530_210954 20150530_222105Check out some of their videos. Hilarious.

Guest artist Mojo Juju was also terrific. What an utterly uncompromising performer… inspiring.

When we walked to the train station, we were able to enjoy some of the Vivid light installations. Here are some shots of the Contemporary Art Museum.20150530_225434 20150530_225446 20150530_225450

So here a few images of that cardigan that made me feel all wound up and made me wind up for the next few cardi drying

So here is the winding up location.winding yarn

Here is some merino 2 plyin the shade of ‘Magnolia’ – it’s going to be a lace shawl that I will knit in tandem with Sue (since I couldn’t even figure how to do that particular cast on…).winding white yarn

And this is the alpaca that I ordered for my gift voucher won at the Knitters Guilt, this shade is ‘Jade’. I was thinking of another small fitted cardigan…Jade Alpaca

And these are my flowers. image

Mothers Day flowers (red roses in the middle) are just about on their way out, last weekend I got a beautiful bunch of Lilys from my husband (just like that…), they are about to open and the closed Lilys are from Little Red Riding Hood (aka Sue) who braved a visit to poor sick me (and Jo) on Friday, despite us having horrific head colds. She DID bring a basket, with fresh home made scones (plain and savory), whipped cream and home made jam – but all was gobbled shortly after her arrival, in any case before way before it could be documented…

I can’t wait for that red cardigan to dry…

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