Lucky again

I must say, I have won a number of raffles over the years… sometimes (twice!) even the BIG prize. This Monday I won a minor prize at the Knitters Guild’s Biggest Morning tea, while I was at work! A gift voucher, a skein on beautiful alpaca and some lovely hand creams. Aaawww…image

Our family has grown again, my daughter’s friend has moved in for the week because they are doing work experience. Wow, one extra kid seems to add to the workload exponentially, but also there are more hands with cooking and washing up – overall it’s wonderful, the extra chatter and carry on…image

I took the TAFE girls to an excursion at Opera Australia yesterday. It was so wonderful – they all want to do work experience there! I worked there 15 yrs ago, when I came to Australia, just about everybody I knew back then has left now. But they are looking for tailors!!! And my contract at uni comes to an end in July… Hmmm…biblebraidwigs

And when I took the train home, I was able to enjoy the Vivid festival in Chatswood – funky light installations and very loud music that sounded like Whale song…   light festival


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