So I have been getting on with it. Losing my mobile (thus all my phone contacts sice no – nothing was backed up), putting strange things in the bin (… That didn’t belong there at all…), on Wednesday I noticed my concentration wasn’t so good, and I started having pains in the neck, back, head. Thursday I found myself at lunchtime in a sorry state since I had stared at the computer for 4 hours with very little to show for. So I went to the doctor and she thought I was physically ok, but very stressed. Yeah, definitely. Amazingly, I have taken it easy. Not worked on the weekend… I think apart from being stressed about the accident, I have been stressing about falling behind with stuff… So – plenty of knitting on the verandah, dog walking, visiting Jo in her new URBAN environment… Sleeping, watching movies with the kids… Also a little sewing- for myself! I promised the TAFE girls to do a skirt on Tuesday, because I found this tutorial in one of my sewing books on how to whip up circular skirts/ wrap skirts, all without pattern! Yesss… I have left it on the stand for now, for the hem to drop because there is obviously a lot of sections on the bias. I bought this fabric in Berwick St, London – whilst I was buying fabric for a show – and that was BEFORE I got married!!! image


3 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Gorgeous skirt! Please, post more on how you did it with no pattern. And thanks for the affirmation that a good stash is worth maintaining, you just never know when you will need that perfect piece. 🙂

    • Thank you for this comment! I often love receiving tutorials from other blogs and DO try to write how I do stuff… But then I get bogged down in perfecting the advice, put it “on hold” to be edited – and then the whole thing dies 😙. I will put a tutorial up for the skirt, since it is so easy and rewarding. Yesterday, one of my students made one in one afternoon!

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