Weekend again…

The weeks are flying past, my massive work load has eased and I knit a lot. And I look at stuff on Pinterest. And sort my boards. And download patterns to my Ravelry library. Things must be going well…

I have the time to say “yeah, I am free for coffee” and plan some guerrilla activities… This tree needs some help, don’t you think?

I have time not to get angry with any of the kids for not having “done their stuff”, even been really naughty, or even been totally exhausting… I have had time to cut back on all sorts of activity and focus on the bare essentials.

There has been time to catch up on homework with all of them – something I have never done. I was asked politely to read their school novel for feedback! that’s a first! We have bought highlighters, USB sticks and organised (for the first time in this young adults’ life) scrunched up notes and school handouts and even found some assessment sheets for the FINAL MAJOR WORK IN VISUAL ARTS – due in 10 days time!

We had time to make lists and study plans, talking how serious we are about doing well in our favourite subject.

We did not argue about what movie to watch – Trainspotting it was – others just played board games to pass the time.

We divided up the housework this Saturday – I had a helper to do the shopping, someone else washed up last nights dinner, someone else walked the dogs.

I am doing various trips to basketball games and whilst I am knitting away, observing complicated patterns and constructions, I instinctively do look up when my young adult is scoring an amazing goal which just takes my breath away. How great that is for her confidence.

There is time to invite new friends from the new high school and I love to listen to the endless giggles and watching good-bye hugs.

I am preparing a meal for girlfriends tonight in stages, wherever I find a moment I whack the tarts into the oven, cut up some veggies, pre- boil some eggs, cook the brown rice. I cherish the asymmetry of my tarts and simply call them ‘rustic’.image

This is my kind of weekend… Relaxing into the business of living my own essence, including all it’s associated extensions.

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