Proudly presenting the Nameless Jumper

Well, after the good moan last night I did realise that I have something beautiful to share with you! This jumper has been finished for some time, and needless to say that I took at least 3 goes to knit the yoke! This is how it is done: I cast on 40 or so stitches for each sleeve and ONE stitch for the front and ONE for the back. Then I happily increased for sleeves and front/ back… Needless to say at different rates. I also increased at CB and CF 2 sets every 10 rows. I am very proud of how the shoulder has been shaped: a few short rows, just to get a bit of a curve happening. The body is fairly fitted and I lost a number of stitches to shape the waist. I wanted the jumper to be short, so it’s a nice little thing to wear with black jeans or a plain skirt.

The yarn? It’s a Sue Special, gratefully received in a huge bag of donations about a year ago…

So sorry, but I couldn’t bear the thought of anybody photographing me today, I feel about 100 and probably look it…🙀image

I just don’t know how people come up with these clever names for their creations… This is simply the Nameless Jumper, may be it will be renamed in the future and turn into sleeve -yoke # 1? I think I would like to explore this yoke type a bit further at some stage.

Before I log off I would like to show you something I finished this morning, a lovely lace panel, knitted in the round. It’s for the poncho I showed you a few posts ago… So the rest of it is going to be just plain charcoal stocking stitch.

imageHave a lovely weekend!

2 thoughts on “Proudly presenting the Nameless Jumper

  1. Ok. But soon you have to feel up to being photographed in the Nameless Jumper so that we can see how this interesting yoke shaping works. I’ve never seen construction like that, and I want to know how it fits! Also, the lace panel is super cool.

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