Greater than the Sum of it’s Parts

We had a small celebration for my father in law last Saturday.


DSCN9717The nicest thing, apart from cake and other treats (like Champagne Cocktails) of course, was to construct the Titanic, one of his birthday gifts.

DSCN9749It was a really symbolic event, where everybody got involved and contributed to their capacity and according to interest.

DSCN9750The engineer and the architect.

DSCN9746The project manager and the budding artist.

DSCN9743The media expert.

DSCN9754Practical volunteers and thinkers.

DSCN9722The impressed public cheering everybody on.

DSCN9744The captain exercising the final quality control.

It was a great afternoon, making me think that this is really what family is all about. Doing great things. Going beyond what we can do by ourselves. Everybody does their bit. Nobody gets left behind.



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