Blessing in disguise

Thank God those tents got blown down and shredded in the gale – which meant we got home early from our hike!!! Patrick woke up early this morning with terrible pains and we had to call an ambulance. I nearly hugged the paramedic when he said that he strongly suspected kidney stones! Yippee! Nothing too serious – but ouch – so very painful. 6 hours later we were back home (yes, those pains were due to kidney stones!) and yet another 6 hours Patrick is still sleeping off all those drugs they gave him. What a blessing we were not in the middle of nowhere… things somehow tend to organise themselves for the best… Happy New Year all, and thank you for following in 2014! Best wishes for 2015!

4 thoughts on “Blessing in disguise

  1. Many thanks! I had to tie Patrick down to make him rest – so he stayed in bed and practiced abseiling knots with lot’s of long rope, because he is NOT going canyoning this weekend :(. Best wishes for your 2015!!!

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