Just draw your own conclusions…

… on where my priorities may lay… I give up being “grown up”…

The kids are like ants… two more days of school. “Can I go out?”, “Am I free tomorrow?”, “Have we got anything on on Wednesday?”, “Oh, but I am NOT free, mum – I have made arrangements!!!”… they are all over the place. And me? Just the same… parties, friends over… piles of paperwork… dog has got a sore paw… I lost half a tooth… getting new glasses by the end of the year for everybody… tidying up work accounts… HEAPS of ‘just before Christmas things’ to do…


And my priorities are fairly clear set. Leave the kitchen, deary… get the teenagers to deal with it. Make samples for the sewing classes for the textileshedcollective and for TAFE.


And with 4 kids in 4 schools … the odds are that we DO have to attend some of the presentation mornings….DSCN9247 DSCN9254

Getting Lena’s dress finished (bugger… that second fitting did reveal some necessary alterations) …DSCN9256

And instead of really ploughing through my “TO DO” list (which is growing by the hour!!!) like a grown up, I just love just flaking out with all that giggly folk, planning their yr 6 formal garb and hair, nail extensions, dressing their boyfriends in their junior school dresses, making egg and bacon butties at crack of dawn for young men setting out on a canyoning trip with Patrick to the Blue Mountains and so forth. I JUST LOVE IT.

And having my beloved father in law for 3rd advent afternoon tea, in our home! Priceless…DSCN9239

No complaints at all – I am just scared of dropping balls… but that is just me in my bubble… my heart goes out to the victims of the Martin Place hostage drama here in Sydney… and I pray my atheist prayers for the muslim community – that they may not have to suffer any of those terrible religiously motivated backlashes… Amen.

2 thoughts on “Just draw your own conclusions…

  1. How lovely to see a photo of David. Please send him a huge kiss and hug from me . He might not recall me but I hope he does Marky ( his sister)

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