Surviving Mid-December very nicely

We are all stressed in December, right? My policy of not joining any kind of Christmas party has probably paid off – I am staying in a fairly festive mood, and am not totally run off my feet. Though – it is busy… I am organising a big event that finally ‘eventuates’ tomorrow, then there are Lena’s leaving party, other parties catching up with friends, public lectures on Bioethics, presentation evenings and mornings at various educational institutions, a job interview (YES! I have got an interview to teach textiles/ fashion for 6 months!), free tickets to see Bangara Dance company… thank GOD we eliminated those Christmas parties.

The annual real estate event has come and gone and will be repeated before Christmas, no doubt, because there are so many mouths to feed.DSCN9236

We have been watching many Australian movies to educate Lena, there are 12 more on my list (and only 17 nights to go), but I doubt we will manage to see them all… There has been plenty of sewing, especially amusing has been the creation of a stocking advent calender… I have had this idea for years, but it has always been too much work. So now the kids can sew and they started late November… but then lost enthusiasm. Now we always play ‘catch up’ – when we have nearly reached the date we make a few more, otherwise there will be no surprise in the morning… so we just hang them up at the house entrance, pinned to the hessian wall paper.


I have been digging out books because I have been so inspired by planning those sewing classes and loved using the new space…  DSCN9218

DSCN9219DSCN9220On the weekend I have made some dresses with Anita and Lena and realized that those would probably be a little time consuming and difficult even for intermediate seamstresses… And much to my surprise I keep finding interesting ‘stuff’ that I think is really suitable to teach in classes, like this cushion that Marlena made aaaages ago:Minas cushion


I hope you all keep your sanity in this busy time of year… put yourselves first, and all will be good!

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