In the Mood

I have to admit that I am in the mood this year, really in the mood for Christmas, despite the heat and the lack of snow and darkness. Not sure why. Maybe because the Christmas Pixies have made themselves at home here this year? They just appeared on an empty shelf one morning.DSCN9201DSCN9199

So last Sunday we had a little ‘advent’ platter and shared it with Clare & Tony and their sons, since their youngest is heading for South America for 2 months.DSCN9189

The girls stayed at home and enjoyed their own feast.DSCN9188

Decorations have appeared. I found these table decorations we made for the Christmas feast at our house last year. Easy – just a bit of cardboard, felt and a selection of buttons. DSCN9209

I love them, actually. And with Ruth’s Santa candles from last year it is an effective little arrangement, eh? DSCN9210

We also got a ‘real’ tree for Patrick’s father who has been in a nursing home for a few months now. We have been unable to visit him for 10 days for reasons outside our control – anyway, it will be lovely to see him on Monday and give him his mini tree which the girls decorated this morning.

This morning – not sure what happened. Everybody was up at crack of dawn… getting their hair done Katniss style, jumping, giggling and even getting some of the chores done!DSCN9193DSCN9195DSCN9196

So I don’t really like the idea of Lena going home. Sure, lovely to have only 3 kids in 3 schools, BUT I will certainly miss her dry humour and straight approach to life… and a bit of support for the German culture in our household. With her here, we were still in the minority, but at least we were 1/3 of the population… now I will be back to 1/5… We have a bit of a ‘bucket list’ before she goes home on Christmas Eve. Surfing lessons, Shopping sessions, Farewell parties with girlfriends, Farewell party with fellow sailors, sewing a red dress, watching so many more lovely Australian Movies! We watched Red Dog tonight… oh boy, it is sooo sad, but sooo wonderful.

And a strange bird appeared on the banister…DSCN9203


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