Stones … Stones…. YES… Rolling Stones… me and Patrick and Amelia and Adrian… at the Hope Estate in the Hunter Valley – what an excursion that was! Left the kids to cook dinner for Sue and Michael and off we went. It’s a hoot – 20 years ago I refused to see “those old codgers” in London, and here we are. Mick is just as he was 40 yrs ago, some others look much worse for wear, but they did keep the beat, the show and the groove…

So all things epic and grand in my life? Well, this 2 m pizza certainly was… and no, many helped to eat it, it was not just consumed by Patrick and Sue! And the occasion? Well, the final performance of ‘Hook’ at Esther’s primary school. She was an amazing stage manager, not missing a beat!


And there is some really really exiting news… another blog… simply for the purpose of marketing and advertising my classes to be run this school holidays! It’s found here and very much a work in progress. The room downstairs is just about ready… and I am busy making patterns, sorting fabric, sewing samples and waiting what happens next! I leave you with a few random images of ‘stuff’ that’s passed through my hands lately … without any further explanation…

DSCN9146 DSCN9152DSCN9144DSCN9158 This needs a little comment: a friend from work (English National Opera) found this at Portobello Rd at the market for me… it’s been traveling with me ever since. I think it will finally get it’s own frame and place in my new shed!

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