Twilight Sailing is in full swing. I did one Wednesday with David and Michael, last week I copped out because of storm and a blown up car (those two went anyway…) and today Esther and Lena came as well. Jo stayed at Sue’s to cook dinner for the entire crew.

There was a fair bit of wind at the start …DSCN9060

…and then it all calmed down and we had the opportunity to take some photos.DSCN9065DSCN9052

Little did we know that Sue and Jo had gotten into the car and driven to watch the race… but we were VERY far away… still – here are some shots.

Barubi in the sun.Barubi

Barubi in front of the Bridge with loud hooting tanker (that’s us, second from the left!).Barubi in front of Harbour Bridge

Barubi with lot’s of other boats.Barubi with lot's of boats under Bridge

Twilight… DSCN9070

… and then home to a wonderful dinner – we could do a lot worse on a Wednesday night!



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