Mental Health Day

A few little nice things happen all the time – the trick is to spot and cherish those! We had an insanely busy weekend… there was no way I was able to fully function in my professional capacity today. I took a mental health day today (re-stocking the fridge, tidy up, visit to the hardware store, masses of laundry processing,…, some knitting…) and reflected on how good things are going right now.

I finally finished my Knitters Guild NSW Achievement Certificate – ages ago, actually. And then I left the stuff at guild and have not been back. Sue gave it to me after sailing yesterday (or was it a fortnight ago?). Anyway, I fell over the bag in the hall today so I thought I might as well show it off before I tidy up! Voila. Some swatches and the sample garment. I started in 2011 and did the entire certificate in a week – bar one last bit of the sleeve. I dug it out 3 months ago and boom – done. I hope the jumper will fit Rowan!    DSCN8278DSCN8279DSCN8277DSCN8275DSCN8276

I started conjuring up a nice new project. In fact I used a good 6m of soft fabric to make one toile after the next on the weekend and now all of them are in the bin and I have settled for something very simple and sleek. Sneaky preview:DSCN8280

And while I was knitting away the (broken) doorbell “rang” (our dogs barking) and there was an angel (Sue) delivering home made strawberry jam, lemon butter and stock! What have I done to deserve this??? Many thanks, Sue, it’s just so sweet of you! DSCN8281

And here are some yarns that Chris picked for the hat he’d like me to knit. I have made so many samples for Fair isle patterns from this yarn – no more now! There will be no yarn left otherwise.DSCN8282

And now the” icing on the cake” type news (ta ta ta taaaaa) – I have been invited for a  weekend in the snow at the end of the month. Just me. With my friends. How very lucky am I…

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