Comedy of Errors with a Happy Ending

Yeah… events started unfolding last week in our countdown to our 3 days in the snow. Two kids vomiting, one with skin hives… me packing and micro planning to load and unload all six of us into the small family 4WD to stay in Thredbo Youth Hostel for 2 nights, and one in a road side motel in Cooma on the way. I printed maps for locations, daytime and overnight parking, counted T- bags and muesli bars, pre-cooked meals, allocated socks, gloves and goggles…

I forgot that we had put the top box on the car roof and rushed off to a Tai Chi class on Wed night, only to find myself in the gym car park staring at a trail of bent roof signs as I was searching for a car park for my car… and then there was a crash and I realized that I had shaved one of the roof lights off with my top box. I felt a lot calmer after my class, but could not get OUT of the car park, since at the exit the roof was so low… so good job Jo was with me and the two of us had to take the box off, shove it into the car like a coffin and go home. We smiled for the cameras and are expecting a bill sooner or later.

The last thing on Friday on my list was to fill the car with petrol. But as I left to pick up the girls from school to have an early take off time – Jasper our dog was shaking like a leaf. Oh no, not another paralysis tic! In the car I rang the vet, YES, they could slot him in at 5pm. So I rang my dear friend Jenny and YES, she could take him. When I got home, Patrick was in the process of shaving Jasper on the table, and Jo was chopping all long fur off, including the tail – no tic! We sent Jasper off with Jenny, packed and took off – no petrol! We got some via detour and took off.

We received a call from Jenny an hour later – no tic – the dog had constipation!!! Great! No tic, no huge bills, happy healthy dog.

The snow was unbelievable! Best season in years. I am proud to say that my workouts in the gym really paid off, my legs lasted and my instructor paid me the best compliment ever: I made his legs burn! We squashed in the family room with an extra mattress, there was no room to walk or stand. Then for the next 3 days we just skied and boarded, eat and slept. No photos taken! It was difficult to board/ ski together, hopeless in fact… we all wanted to go different places and ski/ board at different levels, so in the end everybody got issued with musli bars and money to fend for themselves and we met up here and there via mobile phone messages. The trip back home after a long day on the slopes went well, thanks to Patrick who didn’t mind driving the best part of that long long drive.

I feel alive!


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