I have not posted anything since our Easter trip in the bush! An entire term. Well, here is an update with what’s been going on.

Relaxing. I have simply been very quiet and mellow and inwardly still regrouping with myself and close family since the big move (I have even been lying in bed in the afternoons on the weekend, reading novels and napping!). I have read many books and really enjoyed forgetting the world around me. Then I joined a new gym and I can walk up there and take weight classes and yoga/ pilates/ body balance. I feel great! And I have started a low FODMAP diet and finally – after years and years of discomfort – have no tummy aches!

Knitting. That cable cardigan is very slow. I have mainly just knitted at basketball and soccer matches and then sat down for a day to really get ahead with it. NOW is the coldest time of the year and the cardigan is NOT finished! Near- daily craft opportunities in the evenings have simply evaporated… DSCN8095


So the winter sailing season has started – ‘hoot hoot’ – on the first race day there was so little wind that we didn’t even cross the start line… even thought we tried for 45 minutes to edge towards it. On the second race day we took off and came fourth. Happy Days… even if we had come last – it’s just such a good time on the water. The third race day we had a mutiny, the all girl crew refused to go out on the water since there was a gale blowing, but the captain stayed in his reality distortion field claiming it would be fun to go out (35 knots…fun?)

More children – we have had another child – not a baby, no no no,  my cousin’s daughter Lena has arrived from Germany and will stay with us for 2 terms (6 months).  We are so exited to have her living with us. She is just the right age to hang out with Jo and Esther. So it’s 4 kids in 3 different schools now… all going nicely in the school holidays, but I am sure I won’t know what has hit me next week, when we are all going back to school and work.DSCN8062

Work has been really interesting. I am transcribing a heap of interviews that my colleague conducted at a local hospital into innovation in surgery and now I am coding them into a special software program to analyze this big qualitative study. It certainly is a huge learning curve and a few unexpected themes have emerged with this – it is really nice to be thinking at work, instead of just doing admin and organizational tasks!

Renovations in our new home have commenced. We have no windows downstairs – we had to take them out to fix a steel beam that was rusted through and was supposed to hold up the balcony. The structural stuff has been completed, windows have been ordered and now we are just waiting for them to be delivered to put them in. Patrick has been amazing in managing all this and planning the next few projects ahead. DSCN8098I have sanded our old dining room table, a tiny contribution to beautifying the home… I am getting very tired of all the beige in this house and am craving the odd color injection.DSCN8096

I am hoping the air conditioning guy will come back to us soon with a quote – the reverse cycle has died and we have just about NO heating and this is the coldest month of the year here in Australia, brrr…

Quilting. There is so much nice stuff to do, so many ideas in my head, but I have too many quilts on the go to start something new, even a quick machine sewn quilt. So, I am plodding along with Esther’s hexagon quilt, slowly slowly and just pinned another star on the lounge room wall. DSCN8097

Listening. I have noticed that during the ‘full on working week’ it is all too easy to not hear people and that listening to others is not as natural as it may seem. During a regular working week most interaction is unfortunately restricted to telling off or instructing to do (kids) or filling in on events and schedules (husband) and plotting how the logistics will work tomorrow (myself). So, listening doesn’t happen easily. How we all feel, why we like/ dislike what we like/ dislike… dreams, hopes, motivations, funny ideas… all that what is most important too often stays covered below the business of the days. So, these holidays have been a bit of an exercise in listening and hearing that what doesn’t even get said aloud… wonderful.

That’s about all from me, for now…


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