Harlequin (2)

I am pleased with this design, no doubt. BUT I must admit that I do see what I should improve next time. I need to be more accurate in working out/ designing the repeat. I need to be a lot more accurate in marking the registrations vertically and horizontally. I need to be more careful with color – I would have loved this if the ‘mid- grey’ would have really been a tone in between the light grey and the charcoal. Finally – I should seek for inspiration in myself…  and not rely too heavily on stuff that I admire. Below is one repeat of one pattern/ repeat. The last photo shows the entire fabric and there you can see two horizontal lines, in between the three repeat rows – and they just don’t match!


2 thoughts on “Harlequin (2)

  1. Thanks! Well, the first multicolor print will probably end up backing a quilt. Then the one on khaki linen will be a tunic dress and this one – I think a 20s suit! It does remind me of Ballet Russe/ Dhagliev, so why not. Not sure about the six flowers – I feel like just framing it. But it’s the process, not the end use, that really interest me. Doesn’t matter how many sketches a painter makes, he is pleased to get the one painting right…

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