Going Vertical!

This week my teacher de-mystified the process of covering a whole piece of fabric in a design. So with the 5 colorprint flowers I had learned how to go along the registration rail (horizontal) – tough and complex enough to have left my mind boggling about the next step… going up and vertical. I had a busy week leading up to this adventure, so didn’t get to time to work on a new design, I thus decided to recycle this one, but instead of randomly placing it on the fabric, really make sure it would make a nice overall design. And voila: Isn’t that total magic? brown on khaki v

Again, a lot of the work went into the alignments (thank God this was a one color print…): registration marks on the screen, on the rail and then up! You can see how that works here: brown on khaki















So basically, after the repeat width and height have been established, one marks THREE registration rails/ lines: (1) along the bottom rail (as in the 5 color print) (2) vertical (in the above photo in the foreground) a and (3) at the top of the last vertical repeat and on to that one notes again the horizontal registration marks. And then… one fills in the gaps… oh, it sounds so easy and straightforward writing it up in a little blog post 🙂

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