The Tale of Six Flowers (Part I)

I love looking back on a design process… how I started and where I unexpectedly ended up going…  so here is the pattern that was the source of inspiration, but I really had to simplify it for screen printing, especially I had to find a way of translating it into something that didn’t use any lines and also I had to re-position the flowers so I can make repeats on the fabric easily.DSCN7686

My initial colorway still relied too heavily on lines… and I realized that adding a partial background wasn’t going to improve the design at all.DSCN7688

I changed colorway and felt I had to adjust some of the flower heads…DSCN7687

…moving back to outlines made me see much better how the shapes worked together, and before adding color, I made a few photocopies.DSCN7685

Voila – and then I traced all the shapes for each individual color on a separate piece of ezicut (template paper) and cut out all the shapes  with a fine knife.









And today was the big P-Day!!! You see the result in the header, and here is a more detailed shot of ONE repeat:DSCN7733 It was exhilarating to print this – I realized quickly that I had so much to learn to get it done (position, position, position), lining up all the templates on to the frames correctly, marking the fabric along… boy… not to mention mixing the colors and washing the equipment after each color and thinking what colors to use… there were a few accidents (dropping a pot of freshly mixed paint, incorrectly positioning one of the templates on the screen, fighting with too sloppy paint, using a faulty screen that left a streak mark in each and every print…) – but that’s all part of the process. Ro took some pictures of the different printing stages, so I will post them in Part II when they arrive.

And – I have been knitting, oh yesss… but it seems I have not really posted nice pictures of the last 3 finished garments (booo!!!). Will do asap as I will get hold of a resident photographer here.

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